Kata Mutiara Andre Sule OVJ

Kata Mutiara dari Andre OVJ
Siapa yang tidak kenal Gombalan Andre yang lucu-lucu abis. selain lucu banyak ide kreatif dari sana.
kali ini admin akan memberikan kata mutiara lucu dari andre dalam bahasa inggris .
Kata Mutiara Andre Sule OVJ
Andre Taulany
inilah kata mutiara lucu dari andre cekidot :

SO yes Satpol your parents? Pantesan you always ordered the heart.

Yesterday your parents want from Yogyakarta continue they went to Aceh yes? the question you have always been a special woman in my heart.

Your mother selling ice yes? pantesan you always refresh my heart.

Brother selling perfume yes? continue until fragrant pantesan you made me even more in love with you.

Your shirt, you buy from the market week huh? Mau Monday weekly market or markets you know though that should not recognize repeat previous day or day of the week Monday. Because every day I gave my love just for you.

Your grandmother a farmer yes? The question you have to plant the seeds of love in my heart.

Your father is a teacher huh? The question you have taught me love.

Your father is a craftsman meatballs yes?
Tau Kok
The question you always make love balls in my heart.

Your father is a tailor, yes?
Tau Kok
The question of God combines my heart with you.

Take your sister medical school lecture yes?
Tau Kok
Pantesan you always give me love salve.

Your brother is studying mathematics yes?
Tau Kok
The question I also calculate how much love you.

Your mother was so stewardess yes? Pantesan his clever and beautiful.

Sales Know yes your mother? The question I want you to know how much I care about you.

Gini hot would go where?
Gak go anywhere coke?
Follow brother aja yuk?
Follow wherever bang?
To heart brother.

Neng tomorrow streets to the beach go ahead, we will continue to swim so. But later when I sink biarin only yes? The question I'm sinking right in your heart.

Gak tau love you after last night I made you drink coffee, but I can sleep gak. Emangnya why gak coke can sleep? Yes semaleman gak turbulence can sleep clue face.

Dude, young mango tamarind yes? Different from you, even if you are young or old remains always sweet.

You know that chocolate is sweet gak? Yes, just like that smile, excessively sweet.

Guess what it's like chocolate?
One, that you just sweet.

Many women are willing to sacrifice for the sake of her lover. But now different, I'm also willing to sacrifice in order to defend my love for you.

You know gak highest mountain in the world?
Gak tau
Actually does not matter what is the highest mountain in the world, the most important namely repeat previous high above the mountain height.

You know what gak deepest ocean?
Gak tau
I also do not know, but the most important to you than it love the ocean.

capek bacanya ya Kata Mutiara Andre Sule OVJ
We love it just as much as the soap story, because of the problems that beset Even though. But still we are united endingnya.

When the car drove toward strong destination. I also drove with blustery head heart.

When asked to choose between Iskandar or Ola Ramlan Jesika, I prefer you to be my wife.

When the sun always shines on the Earth over time. Even so will I love you wholeheartedly until the closing years later.

You know not rambutan trees, mango etc.. Sure would stem branches. But when I was a tree I would not want branches, because I want to have a rod that passed. He asked me a love for you more beautiful.

Like the moon you are the light that is the light that always shines on my heart.

The gas is like your car, the more I question my love pressing the gas is fast becoming a heart.

Like an airplane, that you pilotnya. The question is only you who can steer my love planes.

Like a ship, you're the port, the question I want to always anchored in your heart.

When you need a mobile phone to send a message pulse. But my heart does not need a pulse to send messages of love to you.

There were a lot of people who love me, but my heart just dirimulah voters.

When heaven at mom foot, my love is in your heart.

Once a hobby many people write novels. But if I write these words hobby love you.

Speaking of the body, I was not perfect, just perfect question my love for you.

My love to you is like a leafy tree that can calm your heart.

If you pencil, so I want any book.
If you motor, so I want any net.
And if you are the queen, I'm so ready to be king.

He said you really like to eat a squid yes? Although I do not like a squid but when she eats anything with you will feel good.

Sorry if you sms me every so often, because I hope that your love is just for me.

When many say sugar is sweet, they are wrong. The only question is which sweet you.

When the failure of love, bitter taste like coffee. Problems may not be able to sweeten your love sweet

coffee taste bitter

Nah itu tadi gombalan mutiara lucu dari andre ovj. semoga terhibur dan bermanfaat

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